To the people of Burney, from your friends in Saiki.

We are thinking of you and the tragic loss of your forests.



In the summer of 2014, the Chara-Rimpa team heard that our friends in Burney suffered from widespread forest fires that lasted for more than two weeks. Upon hearing the news, we decided to send a forest from Saiki, “A Forest of Friends”, to our friends in Burney.

On December 30th, 50 Saiki Kids and their families gathered to make gift trees for the community of Burney. Each family made one tree. We thought of all of our friends in Burney while we created each tree. By putting our trees together, we made our forest.

We hope you like our “Forest of Friends.”





Sunday, November 30, 2014

Here are Forest of Friends.

We have printed Forest of Friends on magnet sheets.

We hope you like our “Forest of Friends.”

To the people of Burney, from your friends in Saiki!

From Friends of Burney

Dear Chara-Rimpa team, and families who participated in making this wonderful Forest of Friends.

We are moved and honored that you would do this for us!!
Shortly before the Chara-Rimpa team came to Burney, they sent photos and videos of people in Saiki preparing the beautiful gold silkscreen kakejiku. When our sixth graders first looked at these they became very quiet. American children are almost never quiet, but they were clearly moved by what they saw. After a few moments they said, “For us??!! They’re making them for us.??!! Their words, I believe, express how many of us feel right now, as we see your kind faces, in the Forest of Friends you have made for us. We are a little overwhelmed, and so very grateful that you, on the other side of the world, would know about the fire that threatened our little town, and respond with this truly amazing, community created, piece or art. You have so greatly enriched our lives.

Sarah Clark



Sarah Clark

This is so beautiful! I am speechless. Thank you for your outpouring of love and support. Your trees are beautiful! This makes me feel such pride to have beautiful friends so far from home. We are on Christmas vacation now, but I can’t wait to share this project with my students (and your young friends in Burney). Again, this is an amazingly gracious and caring thing to do – thank you from the bottom of my heart!