A: Making Materials in Saiki, Japan

We had a workshop of making KAKEJIKU (a Japanese hanging scroll) at COSMO printing company in SAIKI.There were about 20 people participated.Kaoru Nakanishi, President of COSMO, gave us a lecture about silkscreening.We used golden color to print on the handmade Japanese paper.Hiroki Shutoh, Japanese Interior Decorator, taught us how to make Kakejiku. He is a master of Japanese traditional materials.We made a lot of KAKEJIKU for children in Burney.I support you from SAIKI. Let’s Enjoy Chara-Rimpa!!


B: Making Character Pose Card

30 People in Saiki city came to be models for kids in Burney in California.

We made 30 Character Pose Cards.


You can see all of the cards…

C: Pre-Workshop in Saiki, Japan

D: What is KAKEJIKU anyway?

E: Workshop in Burney, California

Make a Kakejiku of an original character based on three district photo images of one person. The images that are originally made for this workshop represent different aspects of the person’s life.

F: Works