Colegio Madrid 75th Anniversary
Memorial Mural Project

Children of Madrid, Now and Forever!

6m x 9m

This mural was made in two days.

Day 1 Preparation: 10 adults

Day 2 Drawing and Painting of the Mural: 75 students & 20 adults

In June 2015, Team Chara-Rimpa visited Colegio Madrid in Mexico City to inaugurate the celebration of its 75th anniversary events.

Madrid students participated in such art workshops as;

Face Sketch Book, Our Friend Kuromatsu, Kakejiku Art, Kabukids.

Please take a look at the slideshow and enjoy!

Poster exhibition of Chara Rimpa artwork and projects

Colegio Madrid
Calle Puente No.224 Col.Ex Hacienda San Juan
de Dios C.P.14387 Mexico, D.F.