5m x 30m

The mural is made as a project of the 50th anniversary of Lumbini kindergarten.

Characters and a big  Asoka tree were painted by about 120 people, including 61 kindergarten kids, some of their parents, and other volunteers.

The name of Lumbini kindergarten is derived from Lumbini, the name of town in Nepal, where Shakyamuni Buddha was born.

Buddha was said that he was born under an Asoka tree at a flower garden in Lumbini.

The design of this mural is based on the image of children playing freely under the asoka tree there.

Everyday view at Lumbini Kindergarten


Related Movie:注)こちらの動画は2014年1月に行われたルンビニ幼稚園の創立50周年記念の式典で流された映像です。キャラリンパプロジェクトのスタートはこのルンビニ幼稚園の大壁画からです。ルンビニ幼稚園発で、世界中へ広がっています。

5-4 Jokahigashi-machi, Saiki City,
Oita-Prefecture, JAPAN